Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yesterday, Today, and Forever

I will shamelessly admit the fact that until about three years ago I had no idea that Maria Von Trapp was a real person. I thought she was just another Mary Poppins, Peter Pan, or Alice In Wonderland. She was a beautiful person, but nothing more than fiction.

I was living in Austin Texas and spending the day with dear friends. As I walked through Millie's house I noticed a pile of books. A very large pile of books, and if you know anything about me, you know I LOVE books, so of course I went over to look. On the top of the stack was a book titled, "Yesterday, Today, and Forever" by Maria Von Trapp. I stared at it as if it were an alien. It was like seeing a book written by Casper or Aladdin. I was dumbfounded. I picked it up and without hesitation asked about it. Millie said her aunt bought it for her and left it at that. It didn't seem to alarm her that her aunt bought her a book written by a fictional character. It was insane.

I asked to borrow it and as soon as I was alone and with a computer I googled her. Her story was true, the adventure real, and her God--amazing. I was SO excited. I mean, legitimately excited. I LOVED Maria Von Trapp. Julie Andrews creates such a strong, powerful, understanding yet sensitive person in the movie, you can't help but be moved by her. She is part of who I would love to become in this life.

I started the book and through the following pages I began to see my Savior through very different eyes. Maria has a way of making the world disappear and the world of Jesus come more alive. She loves our Lord more than anyone I've read. I mean, she really really loves Him. She loves Him like a bride loves her betrothed. She loves Him the way we are all called to love Him. She thinks about Him, imagines about Him, weeps for Him, and lives out His love in very tangible and authentic ways. I was so moved by her book, and my walk with Christ found new depth in her passion.

I recently introduced my roommate Elizabeth to the movie and explained how it was a true story and how Maria loves Jesus so intimately. This urged me to find my own copy of the book, not only to read it again, but to let Elizabeth read it.

Through reading it again I am overwhelmed with gladness at finding someone so true. She is so unashamed of her childlike wonder for our God. It is humbling and inspiring, and I know that this is a book I will continue to revisit for the rest of my life.

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