my list

influenced by some one i admire i am making a list of things i want to do in and with my life--

and it begins…

1. experience some one loving me selflessly, beautifully, honestly, tenderly

2. graduate college (May 8, 2010)

3. have my own art show (Spring 2011)

4. have a piece in an art show (Austin, Pump Project Studio Tour, 2008)

5. own a large loveable dog (November 2010- )

6. own a black scottish terrier

7. swing dance

8. live in a city (Austin, TX Fall 2007 Spring 2008)

9. go to Seattle (October 2009)

10. Live in Seattle

11. run in a field of wild flowers

12. make myself a dress

13. bake bread, sundried tomato bread, poppyseed bread, sunflower seed bread

14. eat at Homeslice one more time (March 2010)

15. love someone completely (2004)

16. have four children (atleast two boys!)

17. have an apartment/house (Feb 2010 -- )

18. own my honda!

19. learn to riverdance

20. go to New York (2006, 2008, 2009)

21. go to Washington (October 2009)

22. meet Anne Lamott

23. get a poem published

24. get a novel published

25. be a wonderful mother

26. go to Ireland

27. learn to like tea

28. go to England

29. see a kangaroo in person

30. touch a giraffe

31. go parasailing

32. go overseas (Romania 2002)

33. be a full time missionary (fall 2007, spring 2008)

34. get a tattoo

35. weigh what i did in highschool

36. own a rabbit

37. plant wild flowers and let them grow however they will

38. plant a tree and watch it grow (2008 — )

39. have my own library

40. have my own studio, complete with drawing table and easle

41. paint on a door

42. fall in love again

43. go camping (2008)

44. go vagabonding

45. go kyaking

46. watch Valarie graduate highschool

47. go on a cruise (2002)

48. interview my grandmother about her very difficult life (she died Easter 2011)

49. have my own garden and eat from it

50. support a missionary (2009)

51. be faithful to a blog

52. stop being jealous of people who are cooler, thinner, prettier, smarter than me

53. become involved in an amazing church (2010)

54. stand somewhere on this Earth where Jesus stood

55. visit an Orthodox church

56. teach someone to paint

57. watch my little brother Richard fall in love and be loved back

58. buy new tires for my car (February 2011)

59. watch one of Anslee’s fashion shows

60. see St. Peters

61. walk in a castle

62. go back to the Biltmore House (December 2009)

63. watch Sarah Harris get married

64. attend atleast one more fire pit nights behind Millie’s house on Ledesma! (March 2010)

65. visit the grand canyon

66. go to Africa

67. own a mac (March 2010)

68. make my own movie

69. write a screenplay

70. be a lifeguard (2004, 2009)

71. see Kat Mae believe in God completely

72. mail obnoxiously long letters to my friends like i used to when i was little

73. go to a highschool reunion

74. play cars in the dirt like my brother and i used to

75. go bike riding again (bought a bike and ride frequently Jan 2011)

76. run a 5K (this will take LOTS of training!)

78. have an etsy store for my hand crafts (earrings, bracelets, scarves)

79. pay off all debt but school debt

80. pay off school debt (gotta have these in stages, or it would seem impossible)

81. buy my dad a car

82. buy Kailyn violin lessons

83. volunteer at an orphanage

84. take the GRE and make 200+ higher than what i did on the SAT

85. find a full time great paying job (May 2010)

86. apply to graduate school