Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello Trek

It's 3:53 and I can't sleep. Ofcourse, I was asleep--until about 2. Working third shift has got my sleeping all out of sorts. It doesn't bother me, my best work is done at night. Which, is quite unfortunate since my best sleep is done at night as well.

An amazing thing happened the other day. I've been talking about pushing myself forward, making choices that define me, figuring out who I am so that I can better live my life and serve God. Well, I bought a bike. Not just any bike, but a real road bike. It's amazing.

It's a Trek 1.5 T WSD 50 Plumage 10. What all that means, I'm not sure. I rode it around the parking lot of The Great Escape for about thirty minutes if not more trying to figure out if I liked it. It's last years model so it was marked down 250. My work is hosting a cycling program and has offered to pay 240 on a bike, so... let's just say that I got a $1,100 bike for about $610. INCREDIBLE.

I took it out yesterday. I didn't go far, just up and down the road in front of my house. I have to figure out the gears before I go off and try and travel in traffic. I don't want to kill myself. My dad said that the most important place to start is making sure I can stop. I laughed, but had to agree.

Already my butt is killing me, or rather, I should say, my "sit bones" are killing me. They are bones you don't realize you have until you sit on the tiniest seat (they call it a saddle) and hit bumps and climb hills for long periods of time. It's going to get worse before it gets better, I'm told. How exciting! ... Not.

What I am excited about, though, is this great new part of my life! I need to lose weight, and this will help. I need to find friends, and this will also help. I need something productive to fill my time--well, here ya go. I need a way to push myself physically. I feel that cycling is going to be a great investment in my life and future, and I am very excited!

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