Wednesday, March 31, 2010

stay with me

Okay, so this may not look like much at first, but stay with me.

Today in chapel we had this great speaker, but before that we had an amazing worship time. This girl came up on stage and painted while musicians sang and played. I watched as she painted--me being a painter myself, I was extremely interested. She began with a face, then a robe, you know--the typical Jesus garb. She continued to define features and hands and such (which does not show up well in the picture due to stage lights being turned off by the time i took the pic).

The part that got me was when she slapped and smeared the white at the bottom of the canvas. She was dressed in all black, down on her knees on the stage. She submerged her hands in buckets of white paint and smeared and slapped and smugged the white all across the bottom--so fast it was almost breathless. I don't know why this affected me so. It did something to me that made tears come to my eyes. The quickness of her gestures, the pure color of the white contrasting with the black, the message of his glory and shattered death.

It did something to me, I just can't describe. I guess that was the whole point. I loved it.

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