Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the plight of facebook

"Never compare, oh never never never compare. You will have an amazing story too."

Facebook has this ethereal way of pulling you into other people's lives. It's almost like a movie. You see them get married, have a beautiful home, take vacations, do well in graduate school. You see friends you thought you forgot move off to far away incredible places, find purpose in jobs or schools. You see people who have lost weight, you see happiness seem to just spring up all over the place--for everyone else.

Somehow on Facebook you see the happiness and joy in other's lives but forget about your own life (and quite possible, you focus on promoting your life in such a way that makes yours look just as happy as the others). I'm guilty.

I have grown to almost hate facebook, and yet I continue to stay a part of this crazy web of connecting. It is very easy for me to throw my own pity party when I see how beautiful some one else's life is. I get envious of their marriage, their living situation, their degree, the sense of love they have for God, or even their beauty.

I forget that I have my own story! I have my own pictures and memories. Yes, I may not have a marriage (or even a prospect worth mentioning), but I have my life, I have my future, my dreams, my nearly approaching two degrees accompanied by my senior show (finally!). I have amazing opportunities opening up soon--and if not I will find openings for my life to fit into.

My life doesn't have to wait on the sideline and peer into everyone else's, I can pick up my head and decide that even though facebook is a remarkably popular tool that people use to stay connected, it does not define us. I define me and what I do, I define how wonderful my life is.

And by golly!!!! It's wonderful.

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