Sunday, March 28, 2010

dredly confession

Okay. Honesty time. Truthfully I'm not sure what it is about a man with dreds. I become powerless and extremely self aware. My speech gets stifled and my face most certainly begins to blush--but, most awkward is my staring. I can't help it.

For example--there's this freshman at my college. I have no idea what his name is. I was actually introduced one time--and i think i managed to be cool--but now, i have this strange thing. I stare at him with zero shyness. You know, sometimes you stare at someone you think is beautiful for like a second, or two, okay, maybe three seconds. You may steel a glance at them again in a little while or whatever, but for some reason, for me, for guys with dreds (and especially if he has blue eyes!!!) i have this obsession with just looking at them--for extended periods of time.

This guy at school. So, one time i was noticing him in the coffee shop and well, the strangeness happened. His friend noticed me staring and then dred guy decided to turn around and see who his friend was talking about it. He looked straight at me and then turned right back around. I didn't avert my gaze or change my line of vision. It's like an uncontrollable thing. I don't get it. Thankfully I don't meet many people with dreds--and trust me, i'm not attracted to all of them, some dred guys are just weird. but for some strange reason i love love love dreds. i really hope my future husband has dreds.

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