Friday, April 2, 2010

LC's Holes

I have lived with this dog for only a month. He belongs to my roommate. And... I do dearly love little LC... but, and it's a really BIG but, it's a lot of nastiness.

So far he has peed on my bed, through the covers down to my mattress (down through my mother's quilt!!). He has also peed through my roommate's comforter and sheets as well. He has pooped on the floor several times, once on the couch, once on the couch pillows. He has thrown up twice (that I'm aware of).

But the most recent--he had diarrhea ALL in his kennel. All over his bed, blanket, and himself. I noticed it as I walked halfway up the hallway. The stench was undeniable. It was 7:45 in the morning and I had to leave for a french exam. My roommate was asleep, but not for long. I woke her up with the lovely news and headed off to etudie le francaise.

I love little LC...but I would love him much more if nothing ever came out of his body again. Seriously, he even oozes from his eyeballs a nasty stench. I think the only holes on him that hasn't seriously done damage are his ears. They seem to be alright. Hopefully they stay that way.

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