Tuesday, June 15, 2010

a good gym omen

I joined the YMCA today... again.

I worked out for 25 minutes on the eliptical. 1.75 miles. 200 calories.

I call this a great step in the right direction---that was---until the power shut off and thunder shook the building. I finished the 8 minutes left of my work out (what a short work out anyway!). I ran outside (i was in a hurry to get a dog inside---DUM DUM DUMMM--Dawn the Dog Saver to the rescue). I run outside and it's raining so hard all I see is gray. I could have taken a lovely moment to blissfully notice my surroundings, but the water filling my shoes was distracting.

I ran out from under the awning only to jump back under when hail started pelting me on the head. I braced myself and shot straight for my car.

Luckily the dog was fine-- not fried to a crisp from lightening or bleeding from fallen trees and hail.

I find it a good omen. My first day back at the gym and a power outage, hail, and trees down everywhere.

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