Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So, this is a bookish thought and a life confession--I'm considering grad school in London. And I'm reading this lovely book about England.

I don't know what school. I don't know how and I don't know when... but I know that I'm considering it.

There's something about that country that makes me want to live there. Could it be that I am probably around 60 to 70 percent English? That I understand their humor best? That I want to walk in castles? That instead of touring Charleston with buildings maybe 300 years old I want to walk the streets of London that are put down in history books and fabulous works of fiction that have changed lives and inspired people?

It's true--partly I want to go to London because I'm a romantic. Not in the love sense, but in the sense that I see the beauty of life in everything. I'd much rather have a building that has gothic architecture because it was built in the medieval period rather than built inspired by gothic architecture. I'd rather have a church designed and crafted in a country for a purpose and a time and it has lasted hundred of years rather than a church built to look like the church from England so the Puritans wouldn't feel so homesick. Do we realize how much we have copied from them? I don't even think I realize it.

Anyway, not to put America down--we came here for freedom and all. All this to say--I've never been really satisfied here. And maybe I won't be satisfied in London either, but ... I am considering it.

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