Monday, June 21, 2010

Gym Survivor and Book Junkie

Good news!!! I have been going to the gym faithfully (so far!). And I'm loving it. As bad as it sounds -- I love the personalized TVs they have on the elipticals and tred mills. it sounds so information hog or too "I can't do anything without some form of entertainment"... but honestly--I Dream of Genie, Friends, and The Office really helped get me through my hot, sweaty, red faced, breathless hour and a half at the Y today. I could have done it without them, but it was lovely (seeing as how I NEVER watch TV anyway).

I'm just not used to it. College rules your life for so long you forget how to be normal and watch TV and stuff.

So, the gym is good.

On another note--

I have bought an insane amount of books since school let out (and having a full time job helped! haha). The sad thing is I don't have enough time to read them! Which makes me really sad, but I have stopped going to Books A Million because of this very reason. I probably haven't even read half the books I own. This doesn't make me mad at myself. I buy books like some girls buy shoes or purses or dresses, earrings, whatever. Books are my thing. Here's proof.

On my night stand are seventeen books. You obviously can't see all of them here. and i'm not counting the journal on top or the notepad hidden in the back. i am a book junkie. and i love it. it makes my life lovely.

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