Thursday, October 7, 2010

too much? not sure

So, I'm a little nervous. What if I have just overfilled my life--again!?!? I was the champion of putting too much on my plate when I was in college. My life has been pretty simple after graduating until now. All I had was work from 8 am to 4 pm then I could do pretty much whatever I wanted, for a while that was simply sleep.

Three weeks ago I joined a small group--the best decision EVER. I'm considering volunteering at the NewSpring Fuse for middle school that's on Wednesday nights. And the most recent, I'm getting a part time job at Books-A-Million. I used to work there like four years ago, and I remember loving it. I just finished an interview and if all goes well I'll start back soon.

I'm just nervous that I'm going to kill myself with being busy. That I'm not going to get enough sleep, that my body will get mad at me about it. That I'll spread myself too thin. I think I'll be alright, but we will see.

As for now... I'm excited about what this all could be. It could be great.

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