Thursday, October 14, 2010


"I watched the rain beat down on the road outside and told myself that one day this would be twenty years ago." Bill Bryson

I am overwhelmed with the thought that life is fleeting. We are vapors, here today, gone tomorrow. Our lives are but glimpses into existing then gone forever. I suppose this is why I love cemeteries. There's something final when you are looking at a life that was lived, loved, and burried.

When I think about all this I realize that I am making a big deal out of small things. I am single--and every now and again my heart freaks out about this, but when I realize my life is only one small little piece of God's big beautiful story. This day, one day, will be a twenty year old memory, and I will realize why I had to wait, and I am sure it will be a wonderful blessing. I know I am waiting for a man worth waiting for. I have to keep my mind in the reality that my life is a small little breath of God's hugeness.

My body will one day die. My story will end. His life will last forever, and because I am a part of that, I will last forever with Him. My little problems are lost in the vastness of His reality. His story trumps mine every time. I need my eyes to stay focused on His.

Yeshua, Messiah, my Saviour
I know I get distracted
I know my thoughts get lost
it's hard to keep them steady,
my heart is so needy.
I wander and weave through
random mangled tangled longings.
I'm a kite in a storm
a bird lost in gusts of nothing
a child helplessly looking
for help from death.
Help me, Helper, I have nothing
that guides me, but you.

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